About Us

We would really like to get to know you, but before we do, you might be wondering what we're all about. Take a moment to read about what we believe, our values and priorities as a church and even meet our staff. But first, let us tell you a bit about our history.

Our History

In the late 1970's, there was a group of Christians from various churches who were hungry for more of God in their lives and they began to meet, rather organically, in a house in Salida. By 1982, that group officially became a Vineyard church with Mike and Barb Webb serving as the founding pastors.

The church first began to meet in between two bars on lower F Street. During that time in Salida, lower F Street was not known for being the best part of town. Those who were part of the church at the time didn’t mind at all though, and regularly welcomed the down-and-out, just as they would anyone else.

In 1984 Dan Trujio became the new senior pastor. By about 1986 the church had outgrown it's space  and moved into it's current location—formerly an old retail store—on Highway 50. During this time the church continued to grow and welcome everyone who was looking to connect with Jesus.

In 1990 there was another leadership transition in which Dave Blakeslee became the new senior pastor. Dave and his wife, Lisa, invested over 21 years of their life into the Salida Vineyard, loving and caring for the church.

In the Spring of 2011, Dave retired and Ben and Jenny Folman and their family moved to Salida from Duluth, Minnesota to become the new Lead Pastors. Ben served on staff at the Duluth Vineyard for over 10 years in various roles, experiencing and leading in nearly every area of church life.

In the Fall of 2017, another leadership transition took place with Ben & Jenny moving to the city to minister there and Kevin & Missy MacPhail taking over as interim pastors for the Salida Vineyard.  Kevin & Missy MacPhail were already a part of our church working with our youth ministries and so their step into the interim pastor position was a smooth transition. 

Pastor Jason Smith is our new senior pastor who arrived in September of 2018. Jason and Emily Smith moved to Salida with their 3 boys, Jack, Ben and Sam.  They moved from Mason, OH, a suburb of Cincinnati.  Jason has been a Vineyard pastor for 11 years, serving churches in Curtis, Nebraska, Mason, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio. Jason is a graduate of Denver Seminary and after 10+ years away from the state, it feels like finally coming home to be in Salida.  Emily is a registered nurse and will be working at the Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center.  Jack is in high school, Ben is in middle school, and Sam is at the elementary school. The entire family is excited to be in Salida and begin their ministry at the Salida Vineyard.