Our Priorities

Priorities are different from values; while values might be likened to the underlying framing, plumbing and electrical systems within a house, priorities are like the flooring, the sheetrock and the countertops
Priorities are what the church visibly gives it's time, energy and money toward. It's what a church does.


We believe that God is on a mission to redeem lost humanity. If most of us were asked to evaluate the state of the world, we'd probably say it's pretty messed up. We think God would agree and that he's want to do something to help people not be so screwed up. In fact, he'd want to do something to transform them to be more like himself. In order to do that, he'd need a transformer—something that could produce the change in us. That something is a someone. His name is Jesus. He is the good news.

Once he has begun to change us, we get to partner with him in his mission to redeem humanity by pointing other people to Jesus. Therefore, we want to share the good news the God has a way for us to experience the life he always wanted for us, namely, through relationship with Jesus. We're not here to convert anyone to a religion, or make them believe some set of doctrinal statements. We're here to help one another follow Jesus more and more closely each day.


Our highest priority when it comes to God is worship. The word, "Worship" is derived  from the old English word, "Worth-ship." To worship God, then, is to give him what he's worth. What is he worth, you may wonder?

A person was once asked to take our their checkbook and, if they were to repay God for the things he had done in their life, what amount might they write—$100, $1,000, maybe $1,000,000? After some thought, she bent over and wrote, "My whole life."

Worship is more than music or song; rather, it involves giving God our everything—our whole life—which, in turn, becomes worshipful to him. The way we work, talk, treat our children, relate to our boss, care for our bodies—all become a aspects of a lifestyle of worship.


We choose to use our time and resources toward helping people develop into authentic followers of Jesus. The goal of the Christian life is not to increase our religious activities; the goal of the Christian life is intimacy with Jesus. These activities are designed to be a means to an end, not the end itself. We are meant to grow closer to God through our journey with Jesus but this growth is not automatic. We need help and support and encouragement along the way. Sometimes we have to press into growth; struggle and strive to look and act more like Jesus. We want to provide avenues through which this growth and discipleship can take place.


We think that people matter. They matter to God and therefore they matter to us. We believe that God himself exists in community—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—therefore community has it's source in God. Because we are created in God's image, we too were created for relationship with others. Therefore we try to create space for relationships to flourish—contexts in which people can develop deep and meaningful friendships with Jesus at the center. We have found that small groups are by far the best context in which this can happen. People need a place to be real, to let down their guard and to connect in a deep way. Small groups provide a place for this to happen in a natural and consistent way.


We believe the church ought to be a blessing to the larger community—a people that give rather than take. We want the Salida Vineyard to be a church where, if ever we would have to close our doors, not only would the people inside the church feel the loss, but the entire city would be saddened because of how we've loved and served others. In addition to financial support that we provide for those in need for things like lodging and utilities, we support local ministries that compassionately serve others in ways we never could.


If all you had to go on was our building, almost immediately you would realize that this is a place that cares for children. We have disproportionately allocated space to our children and students. We recognize childhood as a unique spiritual time in the life of a person. It's a time when their ideas about God and the world are still forming—and we have an opportunity to shape what those ideas and beliefs are, potentially changing the entire course of their life. Therefore, we will continue to put the best of our time, energy and money toward our children and students so that children have a fabulous time, connect with Jesus and hopefully surrender their lives to him.