What We Believe

People often wonder, "What is a Vineyard church?" More often than not, folks are trying to place Vineyard on the map of other known Christian denominations and what they believe. So, if that's your question, here's our best answer for you.

We are orthodox. The Vineyard stands firmly in the center of orthodox Christian teaching. This  means that we hold onto the historic Christian faith and adhere to the historic creeds of the Christian church.

We are evangelical. We are also evangelical Christians meaning we believe that God is on a mission to redeem humanity and draw them back into relationship with himself. Part of the joy of being in relationship with Jesus is that we are invited to participate in his mission. Therefore, we regularly share Jesus with people and invite them to experience life with Jesus.

We are empowered evangelical. Before Jesus ascended to heaven after his resurrection, he promised to send the Holy Spirit. Simply put, the Holy Spirit is God's experienced presence. We believe all the gifts of the Spirit and the moves of the Spirit are for us today. As the third member of the trinity, we also believe the Holy Spirit is the administrator of the church; he leads and guides us in doing what the Father is doing.

For a complete Statement of Faith, please visit the Vineyard USA website.