Wednesday, October 25th 2017

6:30 pm Annual Cobweb Party

Join us for a night of food, fun, games & prizes for everyone! We're welcoming fall in style with our annual Cobweb Party.  This party is for all 5th-12th grade students and they are encouraged to wear white or neon colors for extra fun! We hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 4th 2017

4:00 pm Discover Creation! with Alpha Omega Institute

Join us November 4th & 5th for the Alpha Omega Institute's Creation Seminar.  This special event is FREE and for anyone interested, we encourage you to bring a friend because it's one you will not want to miss! 

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday Nov. 4th:

4pm: The Bible & Archaeology

5pm: DINNER - Pizza Provided

6pm: Was Darwin wrong about fossils?

7pm: Was Darwin wrong about Biology?

Sunday Nov. 5th:

9:30am: Vineyard Worship (This is part of our routine service so it's optional, however, everyone is welcome to attend)

10am: Grand Design or Blind Chance?

6pm: Dinosaurs - Jurassic Park or Genesis Ark?

7pm: A Creationist Tour of our National Parks