Listen in on a Sunday morning sermon.

May 2017
14th Working Faith Works
James: Faith in Action
7th The Inclusiveness of the Kingdom
James: Faith in Action
April 2017
30th Seeking Transformation
James: Faith in Action
23rd Wisdom for Trials
James: Faith in Action
16th Jesus Rescues Me: for Himself
Jesus Rescue Me, part six
9th Jesus Rescues Me: from Unforgiveness
Jesus Rescue Me, part five
2nd Jesus Rescues us: from Anxiety
Jesus Rescue Me, part four
March 2017
26th Jesus Rescues us: from Religion
Jesus Rescue Me, part three
19th Jesus saves me: from Shame
Jesus Rescue Me, part two
12th Do I need Rescuing?
Jesus Rescue Me, part one
5th Empowered for Mission
Experiencing God, part four
February 2017
26th Hearing God's Voice
Experiencing God, part three
19th Experiencing the Holy Spirit in Worship
Experiencing God, part two
12th Waiting on God
Experiencing God
5th How is Your Calling?
How is Your Soul?
January 2017
22nd How is Your Family?
How is Your Soul?
15th How is Your Soul?
How is Your Soul?
8th Rooted and Growing
How is Your Soul?
December 2016
24th Christmas Eve at the Vineyard 2016
Christmas Eve at the Vineyard 2016
18th The Heart Comes Home---To Love
The Heart Has a Home